Tuesday, April 29, 2008

You've got to be kidding me.

... and we're back. But just for a moment.

I get tidbits here and there from the people I know who are still WMs. NO, I do not have a fake account nor do I want one, and I do NOT log in as, or read over the shoulder of, my close friends who still have active accounts (fucking speculate and conspiracy-theorize all you want... I don't fucking lie). OK, fine. I lie. I lied today, actually. But I am not lying about this.

I've heard some ridiculous things about this site lately. I can not believe how fast it has spiraled... or was it always this way, but I was ignorant to it??

I know it's very egocentric to think that the drama in which I was involved had anything to do with the total destruction of what I used to think was a wonderful resource, but...

If the foo shits.


Katie said...

The foo DOES shit...all over the place. SIGH! See what you have done???

MizSassy said...

Foo shits? LOL! Brilliant!

Kristie said...

@both of you: HEEHEE!