Saturday, April 12, 2008


I have them.

I hate them.

They suck, especially here in Wilm.

My head aches, my nose runs incessantly, my eyes sting, and I can't... stop... sneezing. And I'm not just allergic to the thick blanket of pollen that seems to cover me wherever I go, but I am also allergic to cats, dogs, various grasses, cockroach poop... and a few other things.

I went to an allergist a few years ago-- actually, when I first got to Wilm and thought I was dying of some terminal disease when in reality, it was just good ol' allergies. He did the back-prick thing (which I was told doesn't hurt but ummmm it effing HURT) and my back puffed up all over for the strangest things.

D doesn't suffer from allergies. He's very lucky! I hope L isn't plagued by them either.


Katie said...

Eat some local honey. Seriously. I've heard it works. Well, I guess it wont do much for the cockroach poop allergy(???), but it should help w/ the pollen problem.

Kristie said...

Seriously? I WILL TRY IT! I'll try ANYTHING! TFS...