Friday, December 17, 2010

oh grow the fuck up...

sigh.  stop lying.  if you don't want to breast feed, just say it.  don't lie and say you were unable to.  if you don't want to do cloth diapers, just say so, don't blame your husband.  and for god's sake, if you aren't going to try these things DO NOT ask others to supply you with formula and diapers because you CANNOT possibly afford all this AND have a toddler.  IF you knew all this BEFORE you got pregnant, then, um why?  AND while we are at it... you need to report that you are married and suck it up like the rest of us married people that, you know, don't lie.  we ALL are having problems with money.  so if you didn't get the memo that mom's are overworked and underslept (yes i know it's not a word) then maybe, just maybe you should have stopped at one because NO ONE FEELS SORRY FOR YOU!  in fact, all of this pretty much makes you a super huge gigantic mega selfish bitch.
AND FURTHERMORE don't fucking post about all the furniture you HAVE to buy for new baby and all the things you HAVE (that you bought...we KNOW you did) for your NEW playroom...AND THEN complain about no money.  GROW THE FUCK UP!