Monday, October 10, 2011


I am here because I wanted to c/p the blog URL for a friend (welcome back, J!) and I started reading some of this stuff. This is all such fabulous stupidity. But I love it so!!

Here's a thought that has crossed my mind (a million times over the past handful of years). Maybe I have even blogged about it already. Who knows. I can't be bothered searching through the posts to find out (I really need to start labeling)...

I am a Democrat but, like many Democrats, have more than one shining Republican opinion/characteristic. Maybe I should say liberal/conservative? Whatthefuckever.

Here is the shining R/c characteristic I choose to share today: I HATE FREELOADERS. I have no problem with people who get assistance... NO problem... as long as they are legitimately and consistently trying to help themselves and to help better their specific situations. But if they are just sucking the rest of us dry whilst sitting on their entitled, lazy, waste-of-life asses, they should be chopped up and sold for parts.

At least then they'd be contributing.

Have a great day!