Tuesday, January 26, 2010


you are going to be an asshole that thinks we should be sending money to our own country instead of haiti then:
  • stop overpopulating our country
  • take the money you would use to have that 7 millionth kid and instead support an american citizen
  • volunteer daily in your community to end homelessness, fight hunger, educate people
  • sale your house and move into a smaller one
  • don't buy new clothes and donate the the money saved to a homeless shelter
  • go live in a third world country with your7 million children and don't ask for help when a horrible disaster hits you
  • drink tainted water and turn off all electricity and open all the windows
  • don't complain
  • stop watching tv and eating shit and teach your fucking children to volunteer locally
  • go on a mission trip with your family to build a community with habitat for humanity
  • stop bitching
you want to help this country, which i agree needs help, shut the fuck up and stop posting shit on your facebook and go DO something about it.  being a jerk does nothing.  stirring up controversy only solidifies the nagging thought in the back of my mind that my life is so much better now that you are not a part of it.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Shut your FACEbook

  • I know someone who had/has cancer and I support efforts to find a cure.
  • I support relief efforts for Haiti and will contribute in my own way
  • I know someone who has experienced/is experiencing fertility issues (loss)
  • I have the greatest kid(s) on Earth
  • I love my mother and think she is the best mother ever to exist, and I thank her
  • I have an incredible husband. He is the greatest!
... and so on.

My mother, husband, and kid(s) are the greatest. They don't need a Facebook status update to convince them of that fact (and those who know them don't need a Facebook status update to know that it's the truth). I know plenty of people who suffer from infertility. I'm sure they're not enthused about having that reminder smattered all over Facebook on a daily basis. I encourage efforts to assist the unfortunate people in Haiti and those suffering from cancer. I highly doubt the Facebook gods are tallying the number of status updates they see regarding each, and then reaching into their wallets to contribute to each fund.

Zip it already!! I may go ballistic if I continue to see these status updates posted. I wonder what "postal" looks like on a Facebook wall?? I guess we just might find out...