Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Shut your FACEbook

  • I know someone who had/has cancer and I support efforts to find a cure.
  • I support relief efforts for Haiti and will contribute in my own way
  • I know someone who has experienced/is experiencing fertility issues (loss)
  • I have the greatest kid(s) on Earth
  • I love my mother and think she is the best mother ever to exist, and I thank her
  • I have an incredible husband. He is the greatest!
... and so on.

My mother, husband, and kid(s) are the greatest. They don't need a Facebook status update to convince them of that fact (and those who know them don't need a Facebook status update to know that it's the truth). I know plenty of people who suffer from infertility. I'm sure they're not enthused about having that reminder smattered all over Facebook on a daily basis. I encourage efforts to assist the unfortunate people in Haiti and those suffering from cancer. I highly doubt the Facebook gods are tallying the number of status updates they see regarding each, and then reaching into their wallets to contribute to each fund.

Zip it already!! I may go ballistic if I continue to see these status updates posted. I wonder what "postal" looks like on a Facebook wall?? I guess we just might find out...


erin j said...

YOU AREN'T KIDDING! Seriously, these things are the most annoying things ever and I want to cram them up the asses of the people that are posting them. The shit with FB contributing to the Haiti relief if you change your status, if BS. It 1)annoys me that people post this shit without checking their facts and 2)REALLY pisses me off that some sick asshole started it up...as if the people in Haiti don't have enough stress... sigh. Anyway, I'm right there with you on the going postal. Every time someone posts one of these inane things I hide them. It's my own passive aggressive way of dealing with them.
end rant.
well said lady!

pen said...

UGH. I fucking hate those posts. Thank you.