Monday, March 30, 2009

Secret secret... I've got a secret!

Do you have someone you can confide in? Someone who won't share your "secrets," who won't go blabbing your words to others?

Do the people you talk to have loyalties to you?

... are you sure?

Monday, March 9, 2009

Social(ly inept) Networking

Hi! Happy 2009! Lovely weather we're having!

So, I have to say. I LOVE the "I am mad at you so I am deleting you from my Social Networking group friend list" phenomenon. I am not talking about people who prune their friend lists (I myself wonder why I need 365 FB friends when I certainly don't really care about, or have interest in, even half that many). I'm talking about the people who are your "friends" (or at worst, acquaintances) one day and then very specifically target and delete you the next. You know. Because they're mad at you and I guess it's... therapeutic?

I am not going to preach saying how appalled I am at people who do that considering I have "blocked" a few people before (like Debbie and Debbie, who like to have public conversations about specific things and they never think anyone is smart enough to catch on... personally, I am just not into that kind of "show" so I would rather not involuntarily see it), but I AM going to laugh heartily at it. Laugh with me!

It happened to me today! AGAIN! This person (Debbie... obviously) has been lingering on my FB friend list since the Mama Drama last year. I didn't delete her because I am on a lifelong quest to attempt to take the high road at least once in my life. So there she hung... surfacing every once in a while, enough to make me wonder why she is STILL THERE. She did, after all, delete me from her MS over a year ago. Take that, Kristie! Nanny nanny poo poo!

And then she saw me at the parade this past weekend. And then she emailed a friend of mine and alluded to the "drama." And then she attempted to join a FB group I started a LONG time ago (before the implosion). And when I messaged her reminding her who I was and explaining to her that she was clearly in the wrong place, she replied in her body-snatcher kind of way, inviting me to contact her if I ever needed to. And then she deleted me from her friend list.


Have a great day!