Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ruff! Ruff! ROUGH!!

Obama's been in office for a year. Everyone is barking at him (shockingly) about this so-called 'change' that he has been promising.

Have you ever tried to lose weight? Maybe take on some overtime (or another job) to make and save some more money? Perhaps you have elected to invest in some huge home improvement projects, or maybe you even chose to build a new house?

Those things are hard, right? They take commitment, perseverance, time, effort, patience. And it's a while before you see the end result (which can we please all agree that the end result is the most noticeable one?). And you are one little measly person. Well. Maybe not little or measly. But one person, anyway.

The country has about three hundred million people. Right?

I'm just sayin'.

I ain't no psychic, but I would guess that if McCain were in office instead of Obama, we wouldn't be witnessing huge end results yet either. And yes, I am sure the anti-McCains and/or pro-Obamas would be crying about it and bitching about it and saying all of their eloquent "I told ya so!"s just like you (you know who you are) are doing now.

It's been a year, assholes. Three hundred million people, assholes. One year. And the job is a big one. Some might even argue that he has to first correct "someone else's" job before he could officially be considered making progress in his own right.

Shut up.