Friday, April 4, 2008


Surveys. Forwards. Chain mail. "Send this back to me in 10 minutes or you'll be cursed for life."

I never read forwards and I never open attachments. I don't care if "you know I never send forwards, but this one is worth it." I don't browse down the long email filled with pictures of cute animals dressed as people. That stuff is as annoying as the spam that consistently finds its way to my inbox, the stupid real estate fliers that violate my mailbox, and the telemarketers that don't respect the "Do Not Call" list.

There are a few people in my contact list that NEVER send me anything but annoying forwards. I have come THIS CLOSE to marking their addresses as spam, over and over again. And these are real people... IN MY LIFE...

Just. Please. STOP!!!!!!!!!!!


MizSassy said...

I actually enjoy reading your purgementations. (Like my new made up word?) Keep posting!

And I should have tagged your ass on that meme... I will next time.

Kristie said...

@mizsassy: don't you DARE tag me! And I love "purgementations"!!!!