Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I don't know why, but I can not stand watching sports on TV... professional, college... doesn't matter. I can (and love to) watch virtually any sport LIVE, but when it's "just" on TV, I am bored to tears.

I guess the one exception is baseball. I am glued to the TV if/when there is a subway series, if/when my cousin is playing (he played for the Tigers, and now the Marlins), and if/when my New Yorkers play the Red Sux... er, Sox. I fucking HATE the Red Sox. I love Joe Torre though. Love him! Personally, I mean. I love him personally. I personally love him personally. I think he is a REALLY nice guy. And I'll miss him.

I hate all things Duke too. Sorry, Erica (it's actually your fault though). I know this is yet another thing that makes me an enemy of the state, but... well, it's the truth.

And ehhh, I half pay attention when Notre Dame plays anyone in anything, but that's because the lives of many people that I love hang in the balance.