Monday, May 12, 2008

Pregnant does not equal DISABLED (most of the time)!

My in-laws were visiting this weekend. My sister-in-law is pregnant. She's due in September. I found myself (a few times) treating her like she is incapable of doing anything.

When I was pregnant, I could not STAND being treated "delicately." I know that pregnant women have limitations. I was not stupid (still not stupid... contrary to what the rumors are); I was very careful. But I could barely take all the attention and "help." Yet, here I was, doing it to my sister-in-law (who, by the way, seems to hate it too!!).

What I'm saying is this: do you all think about the things that you really despise... from other perspectives? Come on, now. We all know people who do or say things that, if they were done to or said about them, would explode instantaneously. The stupidity is comforting... and it CAN be fun to laugh at them when you witness it happening.

But are you immune?

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