Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Mean Girls

I was walking downtown with my cousin recently. A flock of young girls (high school... MAYBE college) went zipping by us, all wearing some variation of denim skirt. I mean, they all looked exactly alike (the skirts, I mean... well, the girls too).

And earlier in that same week, at karaoke (not planned... though I was THRILLED to accidentally end up there... I swear, it was JUST supposed to be dinner!) hoochie after hoochie got up to sing or attempt to dance says the white girl. You should have SEEN what these girls were wearing. Kids today!! Seriously!! I assume they were in college. I did NOT dress up like they do when I went out in college. Come on. Strapless dresses?? Stilettos?

Anyway, M and I just gave each other "the look" when we saw the quadruplets downtown, and mercilessly joked about the hoochie-mamas at karaoke.

Girls are MEAN! The thing is, these girls looked fine. Some even looked GREAT! OK, some seriously and legitimately DID look awful, but most of them were very cute and looked nice. M and I, being the old ladies in the bar, were clearly jealous of the way these girls looked. We want our abs to show! We want our asses to be rock-hard! We want our arms to be ripped!

Is envy the reason that many women are so mean? Clearly it's one of MY reasons!!


Maria said...

Ever since I became a fat ass, I notice myself murmuring 'skinny bitch' whenever I'm around thin women. So basically every time I see you I'm wishing death upon you in my head.

MizSassy said...

I'm sorry, did you say karaoke?

Kristie said...

@immoral matriarch: I am wishing death on YOU for your skin and your dimples! Even?

@mizsassy: I said it and I meant it!