Thursday, May 22, 2008

Paranoia... will destroy ya.

OK, I'm paranoid. DUHHHHH.

Well, hold on. I'm not paranoid if the things I am paranoid about are actually true. I'm most likely not going to be the one to know if they are true or not, but that's not the point. If they're true, whether I know it or not, then you can't call me paranoid. Na na na na naaaaaaaaaaaa na.

Although... I called someone the other day. I don't really know this woman (her name is G)... I know more "of" her than anything else. But I had, ummm, "business" with her, so I called her. She asked me to hold because she had someone on the other line. I said "Of course." Now it must be said that, from the little that I do know of G, I like her. And no, I don't like everyone. Just trust me, I do not. But I like everyone until they give me reason not to. So the people I don't like? Yeah, it's their fault.

Anyway. When G clicked back to her other line, she said "I've got Kristie calling." Now, the paranoid me thinks there was a hint of an "eye-roll" tone of voice, but I can not imagine why. Maybe that's just how she sounds (you know, like the girl that Juno thinks is giving her the "stink-eye," but in reality, that's just how she looks). I have apparently pissed plenty of women off in the greater Wilm area, but I have zero idea what I could have done to piss this particular woman off, and/or why the woman on the other line even knew who I was. Unless... I didn't piss G off... and she's just hearing people... blowing... hard... Nevermind.

ANYWAY. So maybe I am paranoid. Ha ha, reading through some of these posts, I am thinking that some of YOU may be paranoid as well. I'm so cryptic! "My friend" this and "someone I know" that. How annoying! Do YOU think you are this friend? Or this someone? Are you paranoid too? Well, you are in good company. Remember, you're not paranoid if the thing(s) you're paranoid about are true.

Anything you want to ask me?


Immoral Matriarch said...

I know it's not me. :p

Katie said...

She was definitely rolling her eyes. You want to know how I know? Because it's us against them, baby. They are all rollin' their eyes and talkin' mad shit about us whenever we aren't around. Wait...I'm not helping you w/ your paranoia, am I?! ;P

Kristie said...

@immoral matriarch:
Good guess! ;)

We know they know we know they know we know!

Katie said...


MizSassy said...

Not me either. Besides, I think I'd get a better initial than a "G". Perhaps a "B", or a "M", or, wait for it......... a "J"!!!!!!!!!!

Kristie said...

B?? M?? I'd use J for you. I don't "out" the people of whom I speak, but I DO use their actual initials. G's name actually does start with G!