Sunday, May 30, 2010


I just have to say that the person who thinks that work-out-of-the-home parents need more sleep so that they can function at their (professional, salaried) jobs was OBVIOUSLY a work-out-of-the-home parent.

I'm not saying work-out-of-home parents don't need sufficient rest. I know that my fabulous husband needs sleep so that he can function at work. I get it. But why does "society" think that I, as a stay-at-home-mom (of a newborn AND a toddler, no less) need any less sleep to be able to function myself?

My husband is amazing. He's up at night, he's up early in the morning. He helps me, he lets ME get sleep at the expense of his own sleep. I try to be quiet when I get up at night to change and feed the baby, but inevitably, there is noise. So I know his sleep suffers. Yet still he gets up when the baby won't go back to sleep after eating, and he walks her or rocks her or holds her... so that I can sleep. He is amazing!!

But still, there are SOME PEOPLE out there who think the non-work-out-of-home parent needs less sleep. Sure. MY job is important too, and I could benefit from rest. I'M likely to get sick from lack of sleep too, you know.

I'm very lucky to be part of an incredible parenting TEAM. Still, SOCIETY always seems to have an opinion. And it seems to have found its way to me yet again. Shut it, society.


Trista Teeter said...

HEAR HEAR!!!! I am now realizing that b/c society has that opinion, I find myself being the martyr b/c I assume it's how it needs to be. Let me tell you how FED UP I am getting with that...sigh.

Miss you, mama.

erin j said...

now listen lady, i work from home, AND out of the home, AND am a mother to 2 kids and i can get by on 4 hours of sleep at night. sure i scream at people for not moving out of my way and break down crying every 10 minutes and maybe i fall asleep while my kids do my hair and wake up with pink hair...but really, that's what one is supposed to do. geez. maybe you should stop blogging and go to sleep....
you know i am kidding. though more often than not i do get by on 4 hours of sleep... but that's really my own fault. i think that everyone needs sleep regardless of job status. taking care of two kids 24/7 is exhausting as is working and coming home to be a mom. one job is not more important than the other and both need equal attention to sleep and health.
sorry you are having society tell you otherwise. i say tell 'em to stick it where the son don't shine!