Thursday, April 29, 2010


Holy Monkey...  Please stop asking me to vote for you cutest kid every 5 minutes.  Please stop sending me messages.  It's annoying and makes me want like the picture just so I can unlike it.  Maybe your 9768234569876 friends don't want to have to deal with the 9768234569875 notifications that will surely follow as the people who finally DO like you picture will feel obligated to say stupid shit like: "OMG she is soooo cute!"  or "What a fun pic!" or "Just getting around to voting!  You know I think she's the cutest ever!"
What's more, what the hell kind of standard are you setting this child up for?  She's not good enough if she doesn't win a cutest baby contest?  Are you fucking kidding me?  You can't even use the standard excuse that pageant mom's use... "Oh it's money to send her to college." (WHATEVER!)
Posting one announcement is fine.  Let people know.  But DUDE, STOP posting something every hour on the hour and sending messages to those who haven't voted.  Get a clue.  I AM NOT VOTING FOR YOUR CHILD THAT YOU ARE PIMPING OUT!

PS if you do this, you will be hidden and possibly unfriended... shit like this makes me want to hit things.


krave said...

Ummm. Erin? Tell me how you really feel...? ;)

erin j said...

well, i don't like pimps when it comes to kids... but that's it really.

Katie said...

Well, E...that's whatcha get for being friends w/ so many WMs on FB!! ;) Hehehe!