Friday, November 28, 2008

A good day, but it'll be better after this.

Seagulls. You stink! I know you have to eat too but we were trying to feed the ducks. And you are vicious (and LOUD)! There was plenty to go around... you didn't have to beat up on the ducks so much. Jeez.

Mosquitos. Seriously? You're still here? It's winter! Get the hell outta here and stop trying to bite me through my THICK Bronx Science sweatshirt. You ain't gettin' nothing but lint that way. Idiots.

Finally... the tire swing. I love you, tire swing. And so does my son! But gone are the days of being able to spin really fast and being able to do all those crazy rides without feeling like I am going to puke up my Thanksgiving (2007) meal. I am getting OLD!

I feel better! I mean, I'm still nauseous and all, but... I'm better in every other way. :)

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Katie said...

This is the FUNNIEST P.N. entry to date! Hahahahaha!