Sunday, September 28, 2008


That's what these things are. Not just regular mosquitoes... they are monsters. And I hate them. I have been looking forward to this (cooler) weather for a while so that we could do more outdoorsy things, but we inevitably have to cut the fun short because of these little (big) shits.

We just went outside for a little afternoon walk, like we try to do every day, and got ATTACKED. So now we're inside, watching Sesame Street.



Trista Teeter said...

YES!!! I take the freaking garbage out and come back looking like I've got the mumps!! What the hell?! Russ gets so annoyed that I don't go outside for more than a few minutes, but HELLLOOOOOOO, apparently I'm a walking buffet! It sucks though as neither he nor Brooklyn get eaten like I do. Grrrr. Damn absurdities of nature.

Katie said...

Yeah, those LA skeeters are BAD! Come here and hang out outside! Not nearly as many of those buggers and they are about half the size. Sheesh!