Saturday, August 23, 2008


I can not stand it when you are having a conversation with someone, and you don't hear what they say... so you say "What?" (or "Excuse me?" or "I'm sorry?" or whatever your preference) and they repeat only part of what they said...

For example... and this is an actual conversation I had with, uhhh, Debbie:

K: "The brand is Weed Eater."
roughly ten minutes later...
D: "Weed Eater is one word?"
K: "What?"
D: "One word?"
K: "What about 'one word'?"

And another thing. Sometimes "What?" doesn't mean "Would you repeat that? I didn't hear you." Sometimes it means "What the fuck does that mean?" It's important to know the difference so that this doesn't happen:

D: "I just purchased five darnassian bleu before!"
K: "What?!" (please take note of the exclamation point/question mark combo... although you can not see the punctuation in actual speech, I assure that their presence is obvious)
D: "I just purchased five darnassian bleu before!"


Katie said...

Please tell "D" that (s)he is going to need AT least TEN darnassian bleu. I thought I told him/her that. Guess (s)he didn't hear me. Hmmmph. He/She's a NUT.

Stephanie said...

HAHAH, MY HUSBAND is exactly like this. I quit!

SerenityFaith0408 said...

That's so funny!! Jason and I are like this!

MizSassy said...