Friday, August 1, 2008

Lemmings. Seriously.


Don't you get bored? Talking about the same person, or people, over and over again? Complaining about the same person, or people, over and over again? What more is there to say? I'm convinced that this summer has been so oppressively hot and humid because of all the air that keeps shooting out your blowholes. Surely you're more creative than that.

Yes, yes, yes, you're hAlarious and incredibly clever. Although, one of the most entertaining things is the thought of you out there thinking you're too smart to, uhhh, "get caught." But really, this bit is done. Time to find some new material. FIND SOMETHING NEW TO DO. SOMEONE NEW TO HATE. Ho-ly shit.

You're only as pretty as the person inside. I know some ugly... some FUGLY... people. So you do.


Katie said...

What the fuck, Kristie!! Why are you talkin shit about me again?? I am so breaking up with you!!

MizSassy said...

Say what? Bitter much?

krave said...

Zip it. All few of you! AHAHAH!

You know what? I think they are!!

MizSassy said...

I quack like a duck. Do you?

krave said...

Only on even days.

erin j said...

katie... she's obviuosly talking about me...
how come i didn't know about this blog? what else are you keeping from me?!?!?!?!