Saturday, November 9, 2013

HELP! Help?

You know when people try to "help" you... and that "help" simply makes more work than if they didn't "help"? That makes me bonkers.

I mean... it's one thing when it's your kids "helping." You know, folding laundry for you-- and by "folding laundry," I mean UNfolding the already-folded laundry and crumpling it up and shoving it in the toy box or the cabinet that holds the pots and pans... raking with you-- and by "raking," I actually DO mean RAKING; however, they rake the pine straw (that has already been raked and put into a nice, neat pile, ready for bagging) and spread it all over the yard so it looks suspiciously exactly like it looked before it was raked to begin with... cooking with you-- and by "cooking," I mean eating almost every ingredient and then mixing whatever is left (always seems to include flour) so violently that it turns your kitchen into a really pretty snow globe of food...

You catch my drift. That shit is kind of unbelievably fucking annoying adorable. No, really, it is.

But how about adults? Ya know, when they offer to help, and you say no (or maybe you actually give them a suggestion! which they promptly ignore) and they do what they want anyway that they "think would help" and they make the job for difficult, drawn out, annoying, time-consuming or difficult altogether.


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