Thursday, November 4, 2010

Step away from the computer...


People who can't spell or put together a coherent sentence/thought should NOT be allowed to post in public forums, Facebook, etc. My head aches trying to figure out the crap that some people spew. Do you seriously speak that way in real life? Is the problem between your head and your fingers, or are you simply THAT STUPID?

I am not the best communicator. I can be wordy. I make grammatical mistakes. I have plenty of misspellings. But SOME PEOPLE are just awful and should stay away from posting. Have you ever heard of punctuation?! How about a dictionary? Bill Gates even dumbs it down for you-- use spellcheck. Shiiiiit.

And This Whole Thing? Not Allowed, Not Correct, Nonsensical, What The Fuck.

1 comment:

erin j said...

OMG what r u talking about i always speel check my psotsand write in great from i mean really r u talking abt me i geez u dont have to vent abt everythung on this blog geeezd im reealy offended.