Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Democrat. Left-wing. Liberal. Dirty.

I'd be surprised to find anyone who freely admits that they believe EVERY SINGLE THING their "party" stands for. I certainly do not, but I identify more with one side than the other.

I won't lie and say that I LIKE to support useless pieces of shit who can help themselves but opt not to. There are plenty of people deserving of assistance who actually work hard non-stop at trying to improve their situations... legally, honorably... instead of constantly sitting back and taking handouts like they deserve them more than the hard-working unfortunate. OH and complaining about all the things they DON'T have.

I won't lie and say that I WANT to be (how are you people putting it?) "penalized" by having to pay for the health care of the intentionally and voluntarily unhealthy. But what about people who can't say, "Well, at least I have my health"?? Those born with or whom acquire conditions that are ultimately considered "pre-existing"? It ain't their fault... and they need help too. The fuckers who knowingly chip away at their own lives usually live longer than the ones who do "everything right" yet end up with bad (and even terminal) health issues. Figures, of course.

I'm pro-life for myself. GASP!!!! What a traitor!! But politically, socially, I am pro-choice. Just because I wouldn't make the choice doesn't mean I don't think other women don't deserve the right to choose for themselves. Of course, then there are people who use abortion as a form of birth control which I take issue with (even though it IS their "choice")... educate yourself, assholes. There are other options. And then there are the people who use children as their free pass (money... handouts... the more kids, the more help) and I take issue with them too. You can't afford to buy food this week? Then YES, have a child. Bring a child into that mess. Bring a few! Good parenting! I have a few ideas about what should be done with your reproductive system.

Don't talk to me about same-sex marriage. There are no options there. Uhhh ahem, in my opinion.

Soooooo much other stuff... the war, the environment, drugs, unions, the death penalty, the military, the budget, taxes. If the argument is good, then maybe it will provoke thought. You can stand by your beliefs and still listen to the opposition. Maybe you'll learn something. It won't make you a traitor, it won't mean you bat for the other team. It simply means you have the ability to open your mind and you recognize the fact that you don't know it all... nor do the people who feed you your "firm beliefs."

Says the girl who will not argue about same-sex marriage... *giggle*

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