Saturday, July 11, 2009


...and that's an order.


erin j said...

uh oh. hope everything is okay!

Katie said...

Ugh. My thoughts EXACTLY!! If you do get one, would you please send the break giving people my way? Thanks!

krave said...

LOL, all's just fine! I'm just wearing thin of some never-ending bullshit. I need a break from it. I shall be moving to a desert island soon. Hopefully it will have Internet. ;)

I have no patience for people who fucking make you PAY when you make a mistake, or when you mess up, or when you don't live up to THEIR needs/expectations. Like it's wrong to be selfish? Like I should make my decisions for everyone else's benefit, always? Fuck that shit-- who needs it?

Sorry K2... no one ever seems to give me a goddam break, so I'm shit outta luck. Hope you have a better shot!!