Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Can we all please come to some sort of universal agreement on WHO calls WHOM back when a phone call gets disconnected? Otherwise we could sit here all day and both dial one another's numbers over and over only to end up with busy signals and immediate voicemail entry. If I accidentally hang up on (or get disconnected from) YOU, then I will call YOU back. If you accidentally hang up on (or get disconnected from) ME, then YOU call ME back. OK? Are we straight?

And if the disconnects are not accidental, well... that's a whole new blog entry.

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Katie said...

Ok...but, what if we are unsure. You know like, if all of a sudden the other person just isn't there anymore. You don't know if it was their phone or yours that did the hanging up! My rule is: Just call me back because I probably wont call you back! Not because I don't like you, but because I'm lazy like that.