Monday, June 30, 2008

There has to be something better!

My "old" diaper bag broke. It's fixable, but I don't want to fix it because I want a new diaper bag. I tried using my ol' Pepto-pink backpack (because it's just easier to have a backpack when you're carrying a mobile baby and a hundred other things with the two arms that you are born with-- man, that was an oversight, eh?) but it's not baby-friendly. I seriously had to empty everything from the backpack to find ONE diaper this morning.

So I need a new one. A better one. A convenient one. A cheap one. A good one. A quality one. A cute one. A classy one. And I need it now.

The hunt begins!


Katie said...

They make backpack diaper bags w/ lots of compartments...I want one. Let's get matching ones! You get blue and I'll get pink! No, I'm serious.

Kristie said...

Why not? We know they know we know they know we know!!!!

Katie said...


sasha said...

We have the mini one and the duo. They are both great. I don't even use them anymore though. I make Jesse wear a backpack and put diaper/wipes in there for Wy.

MizSassy said...

Ju Ju Be! (Not cheap, but so worth the money!)

krave said...

@sasha and mizsassy:
I am totally looking into both of them! Seriously. I hate my makeshift diaper bag backpack thing.